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Throughout the year, Technology Review's editorial staff finds and explains the significance of the new technologies that are disrupting existing industries, creating entirely new markets, and changing society. EmTech MIT brings that editorial content to life. Our annual conference provides you with access to the most innovative people and companies that you should be following, all in a program that will challenge and inspire you.

This year's topics include new approaches to scaling alternative energy sources, the changes digital technologies are bringing to traditional education, the growing significance of personal genomics, the unprecedented impact of big data and social technology on everyday life, and more.

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Patrick Tucker

The Futurist magazine
Deputy Editor
Baltimore, Maryland
Patrick Tucker is the deputy editor of THE FUTURIST magazine and content director of this site. He has written prodigiously on the topics of AI and AGI, information technology, cybernetics, nanotechnology, genetics and genetic ethics, invention, climate change and climate change mitigation, demography, and neuroscience and his writing has appeared in various publications and on many sites, including THE FUTURIST magazine, The Wilson Quarterly, Encyclopedia Britannica online, the Utne Reader, and the Discovery Channel.

As a science journalist and editor, he's interviewed such technologists, policy experts, and visionaries as MIT roboticist Rodney Brooks, Google research director Peter Norvig, military strategist Edward N. Luttwak, former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, former CIA director Robert James Woolsey, tech guru Tim O'Reilly, environmentalist Lester Brown, flying-car-creator Paul Moller, and inventor Ray Kurzweil on various topics related to technology and innovation.

He also serves as the director of communications for the World Future Society and have been quoted as a futurist in The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Globe and Mail, The Christian Science Monitor, Elle Canada, Wired.com, Smart Money.com, Voice of America, and has been a guest on such networks and programs as WTOP in Washington, the Dave Rutherford Show (770 CHQR Canada) The World Today and the Christy Clark show (980 CKNW Canada), the Joan Hamburg show (710 WOR New York), Russia Today, CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood, and Science Fantastic with Michio Kaku.